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For the past fifteen years, we have flown over 250,000 scheduled ,charter flights in Costa Rica opening new frontiers, new landing strips. We have transported Non Profitable organizations (NGO) teams, researchers, ecologists, environmentalists, foresters, travelers and adventurers of all sorts.

NatureAir Costa Rica National Airline is the chosen airline of the most prestigious hotels and lodges in Costa Rica , Nicaragua , Panama and some of the best-known outbound operators worldwide.

We opened the way to scuba divers who wake up sleeping sharks. To shimmering coves with red coral and wild white surf. To swimmers with dolphins. To making faces at monkeys. To twenty-seven pairs and one single Scarlet Macaw in flight. To the flapper dance of Morphis Butterflies. To a glimpse of a mother Ocelot and two cubs playing with a fish on a foaming beach. To a silent glide down a jungle river, through a gauntlet of Egrets, brushing against your face. To fly through a complete circle rainbow, never touching the ground.

All this, plus a select group of Nicaragua , Panama and Costa Rican travel packages in distinctive lodges, spas and hotels at sixteen exciting destinations.

To drive to any of these nature travel destinations would take a day. NatureAir gets you there in forty minutes.

For each day going there is a day coming,,,,,, To fly earns you two Earth Days. A nature's gift to remember, by NatureAir.

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Email: info@natureair.com - Toll Free USA/Canada: 800 235 9272 - Reservations: 506 299 6000
Tobias Bolaños Airport, San Jose Costa Rica

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