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Twin Otter Vistaliner

We are proud to once again be leading our industry by providing the least intrusive way to travel through our environmentally sensitive areas with the quietest aircraft available. To "preserve ecology"... just fly a Twin Otter.


The roomy 19 passenger Vistaliner is climate controlled and known as the limousine of sight seeing aircrafts. It is a large, stable, powerful airplane, generally delivering a smoother ride than smaller aircrafts.


The passenger Cabin is climate controlled with heat and air conditioning to allow the most comfortable ride. Two highly qualified and trained pilots are in control of every Vistaliner flight. High wings with no obstructions, reengineered with the largest flat, un-tinted panoramic window on any air tour aircraft that offers unbelievable views from every seat. There is a standup cabin for a greater comfort. The only ones of its kind in Costa Rica! 



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Tobias Bolaños Airport, San Jose Costa Rica

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